Spelling error

May 1, 2011 at 1:21 AM

I should have mentioned this much earlier, but for those who are starting with the Tailspin tutorials, you should be aware that in the commerce.mdf db file under Views

it says VewOrderDetails where it is missing the "i", there a couple of ways to deal with that or you can just keep as is but just in case it might give you some errors as you go through the project

When you get to page 7-8 in the tutorial where you should add the commerce.mdf file to your project, then go ahead and add it but do not debug the project before doing the following

- double click the .mdf file

- expand the Views

- right click the views and Add a new view

- Add OrderDetails and Products tables

- double click on the misspelled view (VewOrderDetails)

- copy the Select statement from the misspelled one and paste it in the new view instead of the one already there

- save the new view with a correct spelling (ViewOrderDetails)

- Execute the Select statment by clicking on the exclamation mark in the tools bar or you can use the right click methode

- if it runs ok then close both views

Now you can delete the old view if you wished

And remember to check the Pluralize or Singularize generated object names box when addin an ADO entity


I hope this was helpful to some.